Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Quicumque certum quæritis

All ye who seek a comfort sure

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Quicumque certum quæritis
    Rebus levamen asperis:
    Seu culpa mordet anxia,
    Seu pœna vos premit comes.
  2. Jesu, qui, ut agnus innocens,
    Sese immolandum tradidit,
    Ad cor reclusum vulnere,
    Ad mite cor accedite.
  3. Auditis ut suavissimis
    Invitet omnes vocibus:
    Venite quos gravat labor
    Premitque pondus criminum:
  4. Quid Corde Jesu mitius?
    Jesum cruci qui affixerant
    Excusat, et Patrem rogat
    Ne perdat ultor impios.
  5. O Cor, voluptas Cœlitum,
    Cor, fida spes mortalium,
    En hisce tracti vocibus,
    Ad te venimus supplices.
  6. Tu nostra terge vulnera
    Ex te fluente sanguine
    Tu da novum cor omnibus
    Qui te gementes invocant.
  1. All ye who seek a comfort sure
    In trouble and distress,
    Whatever sorrow vex the mind,
    Or guilt the soul oppress:
  2. Jesus, who gave Himself for you
    Upon the Cross to die,
    Opens to you His sacred Heart;
    O to that Heart draw nigh.
  3. Ye hear how kindly he invites;
    Ye hear His words so blest:
    “All ye that labor come to Me,
    And I will give you rest.”
  4. What meeker than the Saviour’s Heart?
    As on the Cross He lay,
    It did His murderers forgive,
    And for their pardon pray.
  5. O Heart, Thou joy of Saints on high,
    Thou hope of sinners here,
    Attracted by those loving words
    To Thee I life my prayer.
  6. Wash thou my wounds in that dear Blood,
    Which forth from Thee doth flow;
    New grace, new hope inspire, a new
    And better heart bestow.
Author: Unknown, 18th cent. Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by Father Caswall. There are six translations. Father Caswall’s translation is a great favorite with hymn book compilers, both Catholic and non-Catholic. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Vespers and Matins in an Office of the Sacred Heart granted by special concession. This and the following hymn are not found in the latest edition of the Breviary.
  1. “All ye who seek an unfailing consolation in adversity, whether uneasy guilt gnaws at you, or punishment, its companion, oppresses you.”
  2. “Approach that Heart disclosed by a wound, the gentle Heart of Jesus, who, as an innocent lamb, gave Himself up to be sacrificed.” Jesu is the genitive after Cor.
  3. “Ye hear how, with the sweetest words He invites all: ‘Come ye whom labor doth weigh down, and a weight of sins doth oppress.’” Venite ad me omnes qui laboratis et onerati estis, et ego reficiam vos (Matt. 11, 28).
  4. “What is more meek than the Heart of Jesus? Even those who had fastened Jesus to the Cross, It excuses, and It implores the Father that as an avenger He destroy not the godless.” Pater, dimitte illis: non enim sciunt, quid faciunt (Luke 23, 34).
  5. “O Heart, the delight of the Blessed, O Heart, the surest hope of mortals, lo, attracted by these words, we suppliantly come to Thee.” Hisce vocibus, viz., in the two preceding stanzas.
  6. “Cleanse Thou our wounds in the Blood flowing from Thee; grant a new heart to all, who sighing invoke Thee.” Novum cor, a new life.