Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Stabat Mater speciosa

By the crib wherein reposing

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Stabat Mater speciosa
    Juxta foenum gaudiosa,
    Dum jacebat parvulus;
    Cujus animam gaudentem,
    Lætabundam et ferventem
    Pertransivit jubilus.
  2. O quam læta et beata
    Fuit illa immaculata
    Mater unigeniti
    Quæ gaudebat et ridebat,
    Exultabat, cum videbat
    Nati partum inclyti.
  3. Quisquam est, qui non gauderet,
    Christi matrem si videret
    In tanto solatio?
    Quis non possit collætari,
    Christi matrem contemplari
    Ludentem cum filio?
  4. Pro peccatis suæ gentis
    Christum vidit cum jumentis
    Et algori subditum;
    Vidit suum dulcem natum
    Vagientem, adoratum
    Vili diversorio.
  5. Nato Christo in præsepe
    Coeli cives canunt læte
    Cum immenso gaudio;
    Stabat senex cum puella
    Non cum verbo nec loquela
    Stupescentes cordibus.
  6. Eja, mater, fons amoris,
    Me sentire vim ardoris
    Fac, ut tecum sentiam;
    Fac, ut ardeat cor meum
    In amatum Christum Deum,
    Ut sibi complaceam.
  7. Sancta mater, istud agas,
    Prone introducas plagas
    Cordi fixas valide;
    Tui nati coelo lapsi,
    Jam dignati foeno nasci
    Poenas mecum divide.
  8. Fac me vere congaudere,
    Jesulino cohærere,
    Donec ego vixero;
    In me sistat ardo tui,
    Puerino fac me frui,
    Dum sum in exsilio.
  9. Virgo virginum præclara,
    Mihi jam non sis amara,
    Fac me parvum rapere;
    Fac, ut pulchrum infantem portem,
    Qui nascendo vicit mortem,
    Volens vitam tradere.
  10. Fac me tecum satiari,
    Nato me inebriari,
    Stantem in tripudio;
    Inflammatus et accensus
    Obstupescit omnis sensus
    Tali me commercio.
  11. Fac me nato custodiri,
    Verbo Dei præmuniri,
    Conservari gratia;
    Quando corpus morietur
    Fac, ut animæ donetur
    Tui nati gloria!
  1. By, the crib wherein reposing,
    with His eyes in slumber closing,
    lay serene her Infant-boy,
    Stood the beauteous Mother feeling
    bliss that could not bear concealing,
    so her face o’erflowed with joy.
  2. Oh, the rapture naught could smother
    of that most Immaculate Mother
    of the sole-begotten One
    When with laughing heart exulting,
    she beheld her hopes resulting
    In the great birth of her Son.
  3. Who would not with gratulation
    see the happy consolation
    of Christ’s Mother undefiled?
    Who would not be glad surveying
    Christ’s dear Mother bending, praying,
    playing with her heavenly Child
  4. For a sinful world’s salvation,
    Christ her Son’s humiliation
    She beheld and brooded o’er;
    Saw Him weak, a child, a stranger,
    yet before Him in the manger
    kings lie prostrate and adore.
  5. O’er that lowly manger winging,
    joyful hosts from heaven were singing
    canticles of holy praise;
    While the old man and the maiden,
    speaking naught, with hearts o’erladen,
    pondered on God’s wondrous ways.
  6. Fount of love, forever flowing,
    with a burning ardor glowing,
    make me, Mother, feel like thee;
    Let my heart, with graces gifted
    all on fire, to Christ be lifted,
    and by Him accepted be.
  7. Holy Mother, deign to bless me,
    with His sacred Wounds impress me,
    let them in my heart abide;
    Since He came, thy Son, the Holy,
    to a birth-place, ah, so lowly,
    all His pains with me divide.
  8. Make me with true joy delighted,
    to Child-Jesus be united
    while my days of life endure;
    While an exile here sojourning,
    make my heart like thine be burning
    with a love divine and pure.
  9. Spotless Maid and sinless Woman,
    make us feel a fire in common,
    make my heart’s long longing sure.
    Virgin of all virgins highest,
    prayer to thee thou ne’er denyest,
    let me bear thy sweet Child too.
  10. Let me bear Him in my bosom,
    Lord of life, and never lose Him,
    since His birth doth death subdue.
    Let me show forth how immense is
    the effect on all my senses
    of an union so divine.
  11. All who in the crib revere Him,
    like the shepherds watching near Him,
    will attend Him through the night,
    By thy powerful prayers protected,
    grant, O Queen, that His elected
    may behold heaven’s moving light.
  12. Make me by His birth be guarded,
    by God’s holy word be warded,
    by His grace till all is done;
    When my body lies obstructed,
    make my soul to be conducted,
    to the vision of thy Son.
This hymn is so close an imitation of the preceding hymn that its translation will not be found difficult. The following brief notes will be found quite sufficient. The numbers refer to stanzas of the hymn. Translation by Denis Florence MacCarthy.

1. Gaudiosus = gaudens, joyful. 4. Diversorium lit., an inn; here a stable. 5. Senex cum puella; Joseph and Mary. Senex (cum = et) puella, hence the pl. Stupescentes, agreeing in sense. 7. Prone introducas, etc.: Downward press and firmly fix, etc. 8. Jesulines and puerinus, diminutives of Jesus and puer. 9. Vitam tradere: to give life to men. 10. Tripudium, joy, delight.