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Jesu corona celsior

Jesu, eternal Truth sublime

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Jesu corona celsior,
    Et veritas sublimior,
    Qui confitenti servulo
    Reddis perenne præmium:
  2. Da supplicanti cœtui,
    Hujus rogatu, noxii
    Remissionem criminis,
    Rumpendo nexum vinculi.
  3. Anni reverso tempore,
    Dies refulsit lumine,
    Quo Sanctus hic de corpore
    Migravit inter sidera.
  4. Hic vana terræ gaudia,
    Et luculenta prædia,
    Polluta sorde deputans,
    Ovans tenet cœlestia.
  5. Te Christe Rex piissime,
    Hic confitendo jugiter,
    Calcavit artes dæmonum,
    Sævumque averni principem.
  6. Virtute clarus, et fide,
    Confessione sedulous,
    Jejuna membra deferens,
    Dapes supernas obtinet.
  7. Proinde te piissime
    Precamur omnes supplices:
    Nobis ut hujus gratia
    Pœnas remittas debitas.
  8. Patri perennis gloria,
    Natoque Patris unico,
    Sanctoque sit Paraclito,
    Per omne semper sæculum.
  1. Jesu, eternal Truth sublime,
    Through endless years the same!
    Thou crown of those who through all time
    Confess Thy holy Name:
  2. Thy suppliant people, through the prayer
    Of Thy blest Saint, forgive;
    For his dear sake, Thy wrath forbear,
    And bid our spirits live.
  3. Again returns the sacred day,
    With heavenly glory bright,
    Which saw him go upon his way
    Into the realms of light.
  4. All objects of our vain desire,
    All earthly joys and gains,
    To him were but as filthy mire;
    And now with Thee he reigns.
  5. Thee, Jesu, his all-gracious Lord,
    Confessing to the last,
    He trod beneath him Satan’s fraud,
    And stood forever fast.
  6. In holy deeds of faith and love,
    In fastings and in prayers,
    His days were spent; and now above
    Thy heavenly Feast he shares.
  7. Then, for his sake Thy wrath lay by,
    And hear us while we pray;
    And pardon us, O Thou most High,
    On this his festal Day.
  8. All Glory to the Father be;
    And sole Incarnate Son;
    Praise, holy Paraclete, to Thee;
    While endless ages run.
Author: Ambrosian, 6th cent. Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by Father Caswall. There are eight translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds of a Confessor not a Bishop.
  1. “O Jesus, Thou most exalted crown, and truth most sublime, who bestowest an eternal reward on Thy Confessor.” Confitenti servulo = Confessori.
  2. “Through his intercession grant to Thy suppliant assembly the remission of their sins, whilst Thou dost rend asunder the bond of the chain (of sin).”
  3. “The space of a year having elapsed, the day again shines forth in its splendor, on which this Saint, leaving his earthly body, ascended into heaven.”
  4. “Considering the vain joys and showy goods of the world as defiled with filth, he now in triumph possesses those that are heavenly.” Cœlestia (sc. gaudia et prædia).
  5. “By unceasingly confessing Thee, O Christ, most loving King, he trampled under foot the wiles of the evil spirits, and the savage prince of hell.”
  6. “Renowned for faith and virtue, zealous in the confession of his faith, bearing his members mortified he now participates in the heavenly banquet.”
  7. “We suppliants, therefore, all beseech Thee, most gracious God, that on his account Thou remit the punishment due to us.” Gratia, prep., hujus gratia, on his account, for his sake.
  8. “Eternal glory to the Father, and to the only-begotten Son of the Father, and to the Holy Spirit, through all eternity.”