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Christo profusum sanguinem

The Martyrs’ triumphs let us sing

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Christo profusum sanguinem,
    Et Martyrum victorias,
    Dignamque cœlo lauream
    Lætis sequamur vocibus.
  2. Terrore victo sæculi,
    Poenisque spretis corporis,
    Mortis sacræ compendio
    Vitam beatam possident.
  3. Traduntur igni Martyres,
    Et bestiarum dentibus:
    Armata sævit ungulis
    Tortoris insani manus.
  4. Nudata pendent viscera:
    Sanguis sacratus funditur:
    Sed permanent immobiles
    Vitæ perennis gratia.
  5. Te nunc Redemptor quæsumus,
    Ut Martyrum consortio
    Jungas precantes servulos
    In sempiterna sæcula.
  1. The Martyrs’ triumphs let us sing,
    Their blood poured forth for Christ the King,
    And while due hymns of praise we pay,
    Our thankful hearts cast grief away.
  2. The world its terrors urged in vain;
    They recked not of the body’s pain;
    One step, and holy death made sure
    The life that ever shall endure.
  3. To flames the Martyr Saints are hailed;
    By teeth of savage beasts assailed;
    Against them, armed with ruthless brand
    And hooks of steel, their torturers stand.
  4. The mangled frame is tortured sore,
    The holy life-drops freshly pour;
    They stand unmoved amidst the strife,
    By grace of everlasting life.
  5. Redeemer, hear us of Thy love,
    That, with the Martyr host above,
    Hereafter, of Thine endless grace,
    Thy servants also may have place.
Author: St. Ambrose (340-397). Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by J. M. Neale and others. This hymn is a cento from the hymn Æterna Christi munera; the first stanza was added by the revisers of the hymns under Pope Urban VIII, 1632. There are eight translations of the Eoman Brev. Text, and five, in part or entire, of the original hymn. Liturgical Use: Matins hymn for Many Martyrs in Eastertide.
  1. “Let us with gladsome voices sing of the blood shed for Christ, of the victories of the Martyrs, and the laurels worthy of heaven.” Sequi, lit., to follow, accompany. Lætis sequamur vocibus, Let us follow with joyous songs, etc.
  2. “Having overcome the terrors of the world and despised the pains of the body, by the brief torments accompanying a holy death, they now possess a happy life.” Compendio: The Martyrs acquire in a brief space what others obtain in a lifetime.
  3. “The Martyrs are delivered over to the flames and to the teeth of wild beasts; armed with hooks, the hand of the mad torturer rages.” Ungula, a torturer’s claw-shaped hook.
  4. “Their entrails laid bare protrude, their holy blood is poured forth; but by the grace of eternal life they remain steadfast.”
  5. “Now, O Redeemer, we beseech Thee, that Thou unite forever Thy suppliant servants with the company of the Martyrs.”