Catholic CornucopiadCheney

Iste, quem læti

Worshipped throughout the Church

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Iste, quem læti colimus fideles,
    Cujus excelsos canimus triumphos,
    Hac die Joseph meruit perennis
       Gaudia vitæ.
  2. O nimis felix, nimis o beatus,
    Cujus extremam vigiles ad horam
    Christus et Virgo simul astiterunt
       Ore sereno.
  3. Hinc stygis victor, laqueo solutus
    Carnis, ad sedes placido sopore
    Migrat æternas, rutilisque cingit
       Tempora sertis.
  4. Ergo regnantem flagitemus omnes,
    Adsit ut nobis, veniamque nostris
    Obtinens culpis, tribuat supernæ
       Munera pacis.
  5. Sint tibi plausus, tibi sint honores,
    Trine, qui regnas, Deus, et coronas
    Aureas servo tribuis fideli
       Omne per ævum.
  1. Worshipped throughout the Church to earth’s far ends
    With prayer and solemn rite,
    Joseph this day triumphantly ascends
       Into the realms of light.
  2. O blest beyond the lot of mortal men!
    O’er whose last dying sigh
    Christ and the Virgin-Mother watched serene,
       Soothing his agony.
  3. Loosed from his fleshly chain, gently he fleets,
    As in calm sleep, away;
    And diademed with light, enters the seats
       Of everlasting day.
  4. There throned in power, let us his loving aid
    With fervent prayers implore;
    So may he gain us pardon in our need,
       And peace forevermore.
  5. Glory and praise to Thee, blest Trinity!
    One only God and Lord,
    Who to Thy faithful ones unfailingly
       Their aureoles dost award.
Author: Unknown 17th cent. Meter: Sapphic and Adonic. Translation by Father Caswall. There are five translations. Liturgical Use: Hymn for Lauds on the Feast of St. Joseph.
  1. “He, whom we the faithful now joyfully honor, whose glorious triumphs we sing, Joseph, hath this day obtained the joys of eternal life.”
  2. “O thrice happy, and thrice blessed Saint, at whose last hour, Christ and the Virgin keeping watch, assisted with serene countenance.”
  3. “Victorious over hell, and liberated from the bonds of the flesh, he departs hence in a peaceful sleep to his eternal home, and crowns his temples with shining garlands.”
  4. “Now reigning above, let us all beseech him to help us, obtaining for us pardon for our sins, and procuring for us (by his intercession) the gifts of heavenly peace.”
  5. “Glory and honor be to Thee, O God, Three in One, who reignest and who dost bestow upon Thy faithful servants everlasting crowns of gold.” Servo fideli, in a collective sense—every faithful servant. Trine, see denus in the Glossary.