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Matris sub almæ

By Mary’s inspiration led

The Hymns of the Breviary and Missal

  1. Matris sub almæ
    Septena proles nascitur:
    Ipsa vocante, ad arduum
    Tendit Senari verticem.
  2. Quos terra fructus proferet
    Dum sacra proles germinat,
    Uvis repente turgitis
    Onusta vitis præmonet.
  3. Virtute claros nobili
    Mors sancta cœlo consecrat:
    Tenent olympi limina
    Servi fideles Virginis.
  4. Cohors beata Numinis
    Regno potita respice
    Quos hinc recedens fraudibus
    Cinctos relinquis hostium.
  5. Ergo, per almæ vulnera
    Matris rogamus supplices,
    Mentis tenebras disjice,
    Cordis procellas comprime.
  6. Tu nos, beata Trinitas,
    Perfunde sancto robore,
    Possimus ut feliciter
    Exempla patrum subsequi.
  1. By Mary’s inspiration led,
    A sevenfold offspring comes to light;
    At Mary’s call away they sped
    To Mount Senario’s rugged height.
  2. What fruits of grace the earth shall bear
    When they have sown their seeds divine!
    Christ’s vine shall bud with clusters rare,
    Empurpled with the ruddy wine.
  3. A holy death to heaven speeds
    The souls with virtue’s glory crowned;
    When Mary for her servants pleads,
    Heaven’s blessed portals they have found.
  4. O happy souls who now obtain
    The Kingdom, and the scepter bear!
    Look down on us who still remain
    Where Satan spreads his subtle snare.
  5. Therefore on bended knee we pray,
    For sake of Mary’s bitter grief;
    Chase darkness from our mind away,
    And give our troubled hearts relief.
  6. And Thou, O Trinity Divine!
    Confirm us in Thy holy grace!
    That so we may our hearts incline
    To walk in these Thy servants’ ways.
Author: Vincent Tarozzi (1849-1918). Meter: Iambic dimeter. Translation by Father Wallace, O.S.B. Liturgical Use: Hymn for II Vespers on the Feast of the Seven Holy Founders.
  1. “Under the fostering care of the Blessed Mother, a sevenfold progeny comes into being: she calls them, and they direct their steps to the lofty summit of Mount Senario.” Proles is the subject of nascitur and tendit.
  2. “The vine suddenly laden with bursting clusters foreshadows what rich fruits the earth shall produce when this sacred progeny expands.” The miraculous vine is referred to in Hymn 101.
  3. “A holy death doth consecrate to God those rendered illustrious by great virtue: the faithful servants of the Virgin possess mansions in heaven.”
  4. “O blessed band who have obtained possession of the Kingdom of God; departing hence, look down on those whom you leave behind, surrounded by the snares of enemies.”
  5. “Suppliantly, therefore, we ask through the wounds of a loving Mother,—dispel the darkness of our minds, and restrain the passions of our souls.”
  6. “Mayest Thou, O Holy Trinity, fill us with Thy strength, that happily we may be able to follow the example of the Fathers.”