Catholic Hymns And Prayers

Prayer of Roses

Imagine yourself alone on a raft at sea, tired, hungry, and very afraid.
In the distance, you see what appears to be a beautiful Island.
Draw closer now and still yet closer.
Once on land, however, the beauty disappears and parts of your life appear to you - those of sin.
Look closer now and begin to see the forgiveness, for it is the beauty that is there.
Sin has become part of the past now, and for each sin a rose has been planted in its place.
First we see one rose, then two, and now many!
As tears fill your eyes, a beautiful bright light appears to you,
and within this light you see what appears to be a man, not standing, but on his knees.
Now this man rises and goes slowly, for with every step a rose was in its place and sin is reborn.
You can see now what this man is doing, he is taking sin away from man and in its place,
he puts a white rose. But is the rose white?

Look around you .... red roses, but as you look back at this man, still white roses flow from his hands.
Go closer to this man - now you can see him and you begin to understand who this man is,
He is a part of you, and you a part of him.
And the white rose is forgiveness turned red by the blood of Jesus’ hands and feet.
Jesus turns to you saying, “my son for you and all men alike, I give my life,
and forgive your sins with this white rose turned red.
And all I ask is for you to stop anywhere, anytime and give thanks,
and love one another as you would love yourself.”
And with tears in His eyes, Christ embraces you saying,
“ my son this is how much I love you”..... and He dies in your arms!

By Albert Garcia
McAllen, Texas
Holy Thursday
23 March 1989